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Top eCommerce marketing and development experts. Trusted by Newsweek’s #1 ranked online shop, two years running. Over 20 years of experience helping retailers grow!

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Offering 0% financing for up to 12 months and no payments for 90 days on all new projects!

At Hall, we focus on creating websites that perform well across all devices and offer an exceptional user experience. All our websites meet GDPR, CCPA, and ADA compliance and are designed to integrate seamlessly with ERP, OMS, and other popular marketing platforms.

Call us at 1-877-425-5932 or email sales@hallme.com! Check us out online at https://www.hallme.com/

We never cut corners on performance factors, and SEO is always a priority, no matter what services you provide. We have extensive experience working with highly regulated industries, such as:

* Medical devices

* Specialized Retail

* Gifting

* Subscriptions

* Food and beverage

* Pharmaceutical

* Education

* Perishables

Our development team has been building in WordPress since 2004 and WooCommerce since 2011. We have created several publicly available plugins, from WooCommerce address book functionality to SEO workflow tools and a complex order management system CrossPeak OMS. All are built to work on any framework or our own scaffolding framework.

Founded in 1999, we are a nationally recognized, award-winning, employee-owned, full-service digital team. Along with our WooCommerce development services, we provide ongoing data-driven marketing. Our services include search engine optimization, paid search marketing, user experience optimization, email marketing, and advanced web analytics services to support the WooCommerce sites that we deploy.

We were an Urchin partner before Google acquired them in 2005 to create Google Analytics. We have hacked GA dozens of times and often sunset our hacks when they become GA features. We are also Data Studio experts. We share data transparently and love collaborating over daily goal performance.

Hall Partnerships

We proudly collaborate with other companies to bring our clients the best service possible. In addition to being WooExperts, We are:

* Google Premier Partners

* Klaviyo Partners

* Mailchimp Partners

* Avalara Partners

* Taxjar Partners

Additionally, we are a five-time winner of the Best Places to Work in Maine award and a recipient of the Maine Governor's Award for Business Excellence.

We enjoy collaborating with driven, growth-oriented companies that aren't afraid to take a proactive approach to increase their online revenue. We focus on helping you make incremental gains and achieve goals over hit-or-miss, big swing ideas. We view the path to eCommerce success as a marathon, not a sprint.

To discuss a project or learn more about how our team of experts can move your business forward in the eCommerce space — Contact us today at 1-877-425-5932 or email sales@hallme.com!

Services Offered

SEO Services

Hall was founded as a site promotions firm in 1999, before Google existed and the acronym SEO was coined. SEO remains our largest service, where we focus our efforts on the national retail sector. We are a recognized leader in technical SEO services for ecommerce.

Digital Marketing Services for Online Retailers

Increase your customer acquisition with pay-per-click campaigns, intelligently placed advertising, engaging emails, and visibility on some of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. We can help your business grow with insightful advertising, concise copywriting, and the following digital marketing services.

Ecommerce And Business Process Consulting

Just getting started in eCommerce or experiencing growing pains? Do you need to scale quickly? Are you looking for a fresh perspective? Our eCommerce experts can help by applying common industry best practices and proven innovative ideas to your business model to drive operational efficiency and growth.

WooCommerce Design and Development

As WooCommerce Experts, we specialize in custom eCommerce website development and strategy. We’ve been involved with WordPress since 2004 (Version 1.1) and have followed and contributed to WordPress for over a decade. In that time, we’ve built an order management system, CrossPeakOMS, that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.

CrossPeak Software - Plugins for WooCommerce, Klaviyo and Gravity Forms

Try CrossPeak Software Plugins for WordPress Today
If you are looking for the best WordPress plugins to save time and get more done, you’ve come to the right place. Our plugins come with powerful features that make accomplishing your goals easier than ever. Streamline processes and automate tasks effortlessly.

Klaviyo for Easy Digital Downloads
Sell digital products with Easy Digital Downloads and market to potential customers through Klaviyo.

Gravity Forms for Klaviyo
You can easily link your site’s Gravity Forms with Klaviyo.

Gravity Forms Email Blacklist
Block individual emails
Block entire domains, Block your competitors

Gravity Forms Email Blacklist
With one plugin, you can: Block individual emails, Block entire domains, and Block your competitors.

Gravity Forms Encryption
Download it today and protect sensitive user information, account or personal details, and any data you want to ensure remains secure.

WooCommerce Address Book
Give your customers the option to store multiple billing and shipping addresses and retrieve them on checkout.

Crosspeak Order Management System for WooCommerce

The desire to create functional digital products are at the core of the services we provide. In 2001, we built our first CMS platform and by 2007 we had created our proprietary search ranking software which has grown into what is now our Hall Tools platform and Wet Paint SEO Tools for WordPress. In 2011, we generated our first publicly available responsive framework for WordPress and just four years later, in 2015, we launched CrossPeak OMS an order management system for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Order Management Made Easy

Save time, effort, and money! Easily adjust, add, charge, discount, fulfill and ship in real-time.
Protects site performance by allowing you to manage orders at times of peak demand outside of the WooCommerce interface.

Real-time order import
Automatically import from WooCommerce and Shopify securely and in real-time. See new orders all day, every day.

Easily Manage Orders
Make adjustments, refunds, cancellations, and additions. Deliver great customer service efficiently with access for 1 to 100 people.

Print, Ship, and Track
Do it yourself or share with 3PL partners. We integrate with FedEx, USPS, and UPS.
Status updates automatically go back out to customers.


“We are very happy we are working with The Hall Team!”

“Hall has provided strategic guidance with the evolution of our digital marketing efforts, with particular emphasis on MailChimp functions and features to ensure effective email campaigns.”

"I look forward to seeing where Hall will be taking us and our site in the future. Thank you for putting together an amazing team."

"With their email marketing campaigns, Hall helped us have an extremely profitable Black Friday. We quickly sold out of the inventory we were pushing!"

“You and your team were instrumental in helping us rethink our execution for Christmas making it our best on record!”

“Hall has been vital to helping us raise the bar with our online marketing to achieve results that are having a real impact on our business. And, best of all the team truly feels like an extension of our own.”

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