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Attract more customers, increase sales, and take your online business to the next level with the help of our e-commerce agency. We specialize in creating high-functionality e-commerce solutions, including websites built with WooCommerce, that are designed to meet your unique business goals and drive results.

Our full-service approach includes expert project planning, user-friendly design, and search engine optimization, as well as ongoing technical support available 24/7. With our custom plugin development and technical support for existing stores, you can be confident that your WooCommerce site will run smoothly and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

We also offer email marketing services to help you reach and engage with your customers and our design that your store not only looks great but also drives results. In addition, we offer advanced AI integrations and integration with other marketplaces such as Amazon to give your business a competitive edge.

Don't let your online business miss out on the opportunities of e-commerce. Let us help you achieve success and grow your business with our comprehensive solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

Services Offered

WooCommerce Expertise You Can Count On!

WooCommerce Development & Support for Your Online Store
We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient online store. That's why we provide high-quality WooCommerce development and support to help you reach your e-commerce goals and maximize your online potential.

Custom Theme & Plugin Development
The WooCommerce system is flexible, but that doesn't mean there aren't challenges that arise during the development process. We're here to help, providing custom theme and plugin development to ensure that your online store is tailored to your specific needs and runs smoothly.

24/7 Support
Technical problems can happen at any time, and we're here to help you when they do. Our support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and resolve any issues you may be facing, saving you time, money, and nerves.

Comprehensive Services
We offer a range of comprehensive services to support the success of your online store, including:

Reliable Hosting
Seamless API Integrations
Custom Plugins
Real-Time Monitoring
24/7 Maintenance
Regular Updates
Top-Notch Security
Maximize Your Online Potential
Let us help you take your online store to the next level and reach your e-commerce goals. Our expert team at is dedicated to providing high-quality development and support services to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

eCommerce development

It is an inescapable fact that e-commerce has gained immense popularity in recent years and that it will only grow and develop. The opportunity to purchase goods and services online has made people’s daily lives immeasurably easier, saving an expensive amount of time and resources to visit shops.

As with all new trends, they are gradually replacing the old ones and, unfortunately, most of the business models practiced so far will no longer be able to survive in today’s new – digital age. Therefore, it is very important for any business owner who wants to maintain and improve their market and competitive position to understand and find the most suitable way to use this new trend to their advantage and get the maximum profit from it.

We are here to give you the tools you need that will allow you to be competitive in today’s e-commerce environment.

What do we offer?
- Consultation
- UI/UX Design
- Custom functionality
- Automation
- API or Application Programming Interface
- Analytics
- Support

UI/UX Design

From competitor research to interactive prototypes, our agency will take care of the implementation of user-friendly and easy-to-understand solutions. The designer’s user-friendly site design helps companies achieve quantifiable business goals through solutions that excite the customer and distinguish them from their competitors.

Website development

Your website is the face of your company on the Internet. This is very often the thing that gives the first impression of you and your company. So that it is not a final impression, it is very important to take care that a visit to your website is able to hold interest and create a pleasant atmosphere and experience from all aspects. Eye-pleasing and unique design, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand navigation, as well as page loading speed. Without special attention to these things, it is almost impossible to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing and demanding Internet environment.

Of course, you should also not forget everything that happens behind the scenes – page security, strong hosting, SEO, customer analytics, the ability to edit content. These things are just as important as the ones mentioned above. One cannot fully work without the other, so the page must be strong from all angles.

Website with excellent design and functionality, but poor SEO – the result: low number of visits.
Website very popular with high number of visits, but with poor hosting – the result: the page collapses.
A website that is excellent from all angles, but with low security – the result: it is simply hacked.

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that require a lot of attention. Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused and pressed with information right now. After all, we at WD Market are here to advise you and make sure that your website functions and works as a well-oiled mechanism – fast, safe and stable.

WEB systems

Need a system, but the available ready-made solutions don’t really provide what your business needs? Such a situation, unfortunately, is faced by a huge number of companies. Although, nowadays, there are countless ready-made solutions that meet the needs of many companies, often, these solutions, either do not provide the necessary functions at all, or are provided incompletely. Building your own system may seem like an expensive and time-consuming process, but in the long run, it is always the most appropriate and optimal solution.

Who knows your needs and those of your company better than yourself? An individual approach allows you to accurately solve exactly the problems that you want to solve, it allows you to create the functionality of the system precisely adapted to your needs.

Do you expect your company and its needs to grow? You should not worry about this, because for individually built systems, one of the biggest benefits is that the system can always be developed and expanded its functionality, as well as add, notice or even remove existing functions. Unlike the finished solutions, the system belongs to you and you are not dependent on the supplier.

The most important thing must certainly not be forgotten. Your idea may be unique and very well funded, but it will never become a reality if you do not trust its implementation with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are able to give life to this idea and realize it.

Our team has developed various unique projects, for the realization of which it was necessary to think “outside the box” in order to achieve exactly the result that was needed. Our experience allows us to realize ideas that may seem impossible to others.

Come with your idea and our specialists will make sure that your unique idea becomes a reality!


Positive and responsive communication. Able to adapt to various customer needs, suggest and find opportunities for non-standard solutions on the WooCommerce platform.

The development of our online store was a very successful cooperation. Professional communication was formed. Information we did not understand was explained in a language we understood. The most profitable and efficient IT solutions for the successful operation of the online store are offered.

High-quality, timely work and professional attitude! WDMarket developed new website and the team also helps with the maintenance of the page on a daily basis. Thank you!

The project required the creation of an online store with a new design, new ideas, which were also recommended very skillfully and profesionally. Fast communication, easy solutions. Thank you!

A reliable team of professionals who are able to implement ideas - in functioning projects. I definietly recommend it.

I recommend to everyone who needs high-level website development and innovative ideas for its improvement!

Great team! I highly appreciate the professionalism and fast deadlines. I am very satisfied with the creation of both websites and online stores. I definietly recommend it!

Very responsive, friendly and professionally performs work! As well as quickly - thank you! It's a pleasure to work together!

Very good communication, ideas, execution. We are happy with the final result and grateful for the invested work, help and answers to all questions!


How to secure woocommerce store?

How to secure woocommerce store?

- Make sure all is up to date
- Set up security plugins
- Change standard /wp-admin URL or add a captcha to login
- Set up the activity log
- Make sure you have the correct permission to your files
- Choose secure hosting
- Make sure the website is backed up every day

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